In 1944 J.D Malhotra entered in his own trading Business of Engineering Tools and accessories, which were then being imported from other countries like America and England. After the tragic partition of the country into India and Pakistan, he came to New Delhi and settled down with his parents and brothers. The vast experience he had gathered in the trading of tools of foreign origin, came to his aid and paid-off very well to him. With his thorough knowledge and experience in Engineering tools, he introduced Indian manufactured tools in the country in 1954 and marketed these in the Brand name of ‘GECO’ and ‘Jaydesh’ Tools. Again in 1961 when he separated from his brothers he founded J.D Engineering Co. and brought a complete revolution in the history of tools in the country by introducing exclusively a vast range of Indian manufactured workshop, engineers, precision and magnetic tools under a registered trademark ‘BHARAT’.
For over 50 years, J.D Engineering Co. has been a symbol of leadership and dependable service to industry and mechanics. Today, the company has a huge network of dealers and distributors to offer you a convenient, reliable source of supply in your immediate vicinity.

Our Motto

The general practice of making cheap but mostly inferior goods means the beginning of social and ethical decline. It is the production and the use of first-class goods which alone ensure economical progress. This specially refers to tools, a good quality tool proves always cheapest on account of its durability. The efficiency of a mill increases by the use of good tools. Good tools give an impetus to the worker to turn out good products only, ennoble the character and give satisfaction from the beginning and invaluable asset.

The policy of J.D Engineering Co. is one of continuous product improvement to provide the Better-than-ever products to meet your needs-better than ever before. 


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