Bharat Steel Vee Blocks are properly heat treated. Accurately machined and properly ground to extreme accuracy. Accurately finished in matched pairs, so that 90° Vee in each block is always in alignment with the other block of the pair. Clamp fitted with one steel screw for adjustment. Supplied in matched pairs, clamps included.
These Vee blocks will hold the job securely & accurately during drilling & milling operations. Suitable for tool-makers & machinist’s

Model No. (One Sided Vee)Model No (Both Sided Vee)Size of Block
(Length x Sq.)
Suitable for shaft upto Dia mm
501A501B50 X 3030
502A502B50 X 4040
503A503B63 X 5050
504A504B80 X 6363
505A505B100 X 8080
506A506B125 X 9090
507A507B150 X 100100

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