Bharat U-Type Power Magnets and Pocket Magnets are constructed from Alnico magnets. These are covered in attractive red colour and supplied with a keeper.
Bharat Round Power Magnets are made of premium quality, supplied with a removable ‘T’ handle for easy pick up of materials. With attraction magnetized intensively on a ring-like pattern face, it has powerful magnetic force.
U-Type and Round: Since the tapped hole is provided at the opposite side of attractive face, wide range of uses is assured. Perfect for workshop clean-up.They provide a high rate of power and efficiency in relation to weight. They can be used for handling, lifting and sorting small ferrous parts work holding and jigging and can form main component for electric relays, filters, measuring instruments dynamos and magnetic clutches.
Pocket Magnet: These are meant for light duty inspection and laboratory work. Most useful because of its small size and high power. It is useful when fixed to a length of string or wire for retrieving nuts, bolts etc. from inaccessible places, the garage, workshop, laboratory and offices etc.

Model NoDescription
802Pocket Magnet
831Without centre hole
831CWith centre hole
86165mm x 20mm
86275mm x 20mm
863100mm x 20mm
864125mm x 20mm

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