Bharat Drill sleeves cocentric and taper angles are precisely controlled which allows perfect locking and concentric movement to the tool held. Permanent marking of size on the tang ensures convenience in use.
Workshop Grade
Are made from high-quality mild steel, low hardened, internally reamed, externally ground and are perfectly satisfactory for normal use.
A-Grade ( Hardened & Ground )
Are made from Hi tensile steel, these are fully hardened and are ground on inside and outside.
Drill Sleeves are used to adapt smaller morse taper shank tools to larger machine spindles.

Model No.
(Morse Taper No.)
DS 0-1
DS 1-2
DS 2-3
DS 3-4
DS 4-5
DS 5-6
DS 1-3
DS 1-4
DS 2-4
DS 1-5
DS 2-5
DS 3-5
DS 2-6
DS 3-6
DS 4-6

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